Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Detecting and Affecting Lockdown Mode in Ventura

Joel Bruner:

Lockdown mode is new feature for macOS Ventura and for many MacAdmins we’ve been wondering how to detect this state. Why? Lockdown mode affects how macOS and Mac apps behave. This is something a helpdesk might like to know when trying to troubleshoot an issue. Also, due to some ambiguous wording by Apple, they made it seem like MDM Config Profiles could not be installed at all when in Lockdown mode, however this is not always the case.


[The defaults] key uses the LDM acronym/mnemonic: LDMGlobalEnabled.


This totally blew me away: You can enable and disable macOS Lockdown mode by writing to your .GlobalPreferences preference domain! […] That’s right, it’s not written to a rootless/SIP protected file like TCC.db!


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