Friday, October 21, 2022

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.1.3

Mike Bombich:

We’ve been testing the new OS over the summer, and I’m pleased to report that CCC is ready to protect your data before and after you apply this upgrade – we added official Ventura support to CCC 6.1.3, which we posted back in September.


They finally dropped the padlock paradigm, so pre-authentication is no longer required to unlock the settings in the Privacy panel. As a result, the procedure for granting Full Disk access to CCC and its helper tool on Ventura is now one step! When you start dragging CCC’s “privacy fish”, CCC will open the System Settings application and reveal the Full Disk Access controls, ready for the drop. At that point you’re prompted to authenticate, and then you’re done.


In Ventura, Apple deprecated an older mechanism for adding login items, and replaced it with a new mechanism. Normally I don’t immediately adopt brand-new features like this (because it makes it more complicated to support multiple OSes with one version of CCC), but we found that if we continued to use the old mechanism, the user would get frequent notifications that CCC had added a login item.


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Good morning, I'm facing a serious problem with Carbon Copy, in addition to cloning my disks, I've always imaged (booted) disks using CC.
Now that I went to do the same using ventura, I just can't make more images.
I can clone without any problem from one disk to another, but not generate an image of ventura.
Look, I already formatted the hd, installed Ventura from scratch and only the CC and tried to do it without success, it starts, when it gets close to 13GB... it stops with a red message: The APFS replication procedure failed.
Any idea how to solve it? permissions are all released.

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