Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Apple Restores VK and Apps to the App Store

Tim Hardwick:

Apple has restored Russian apps for social network VKontakte and webmail provider to the App Store, three weeks after removing them and other VK-owned apps in response to UK sanctions (via The Guardian).


A spokesperson for Apple shared the following statement:

The apps from this developer were removed from the App Store, as required by law, after multiple requests were made to the developer to provide documentation to verify that they were not in violation of UK sanctions. Subsequent to the removal, the developer has provided the requisite information verifying that they are not majority owned or controlled by a sanctioned entity. Thus, the apps have been reinstated to the App Store.

It sounds like the ownership hasn’t changed and that Apple’s previous statement was just wrong.


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Old Unix Geek

They should never have been removed. Glad they're back for those that use them. We're surrounded by hoards of mini-dictators, of which Apple is one.

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