Tuesday, October 4, 2022

1Password Meets Git

Simon Sickle:

Enable the SSH Agent and optionally biometrics if you wish. Now, we must add a snippet of code to our SSH configuration file to tell the SSH command we wish to delegate key management to 1Password.


At work, we have some complex configurations and security rules that wouldn't allow me to store my SSH key in this manor... I do, however, work on some open source software from time to time which requires that I have an SSH key to authenticate with GitHub. To accomplish this, I modified the pasted snippet from 1Password to only use the SSH agent for github connections using the git user.


GitHub now supports code signed by an SSH key! This means you can use 1Password's SSH agent functionality to sign your commits instead of relying on GPG (which has been troublesome in the past on macOS).

This is cool, although the feature I really want is to sync 1Password via Git.


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Harald Striepe

I want the native app back! Still on v7, but I fear that it will eventually not be supported.

Surrender. It's easier than holding out, gets you a native Apple Silicon app, lets you have in-app autofill, gets bug fixes and is kept in sync with iOS and the web. If there is a downside, it's that it's an objectively worse experience. Which you already know. Especially in Safari, where you've got this shitty extension that doesn't integrate with autofill as it did in the past.

What would syncing 1Password via git help you achieve?

@Joel I want to sync between my devices without depending on a third-party service. And it would also guard against accidental changes because I could always revert to an earlier version.

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