Monday, October 3, 2022

BBEdit 14.6

Bare Bones Software (tweet):

Added settings to the “Editing” preferences to specify alternative characters for Show Invisibles, for tabs and for line breaks.


The low-level text rendering in BBEdit’s editing engine has been reworked to improve performance and OS compatibility (including future macOS releases).

This change also marks the triumphant return of font ligatures (when supported by the display font in use), and brings improvements to Unicode character rendering.


Made changes so that Open File by Name doesn’t completely tie up the application in cases where building the search cache takes a very long time. In such situations it’ll be the same amount of time before you get search results, but the application will remain responsive for other uses in the meantime.

This last one is particularly welcome, as if I’ve opened a file on an external drive that’s since gone to sleep it can take a while for it to spin up. For whatever reason, I’ve lately been seeing temporary hangs throughout the system and various apps as drives wake from sleep or finish mounting. Most code seems to be written as if small file system operations will be quick, but with Monterey sometimes they aren’t.

Gareth Simpson:

Some code fonts use [ligatures] in clever ways


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ā€¯application stalls when coming to the foreground after more than a minute of non-use in the backgroundā€¯

Oh finally fixed! This has been very annoying on my M1 MBA, a Mac that otherwise feels pretty snappy. Most interactions happens instantly so the stalling when switching to BBEdit was very noticeable. And I switch to BBEdit a lot over the course of a day.

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