Monday, September 12, 2022

macOS 12.6 and macOS 11.7

Juli Clover:

macOS Monterey 12.6 addresses a number of kernel vulnerabilities as well as issues with maps, iMovie, ATS, MediaLibrary, and PackageKit.

You can download the installer and IPSW (via Mr. Macintosh).

Howard Oakley:

Big Sur 11.7’s release notes report more fixes, including two kernel bugs which are thought to have been actively exploited, so this is also an urgent update for anyone still using Big Sur.

The installer is here.

Mr. Macintosh:

Apple did not release an associated security update for macOS Catalina.

macOS Catalina is no longer supported by Apple.


Update (2022-09-14): Maynard Handley:

With macOS 12.6 Apple has adopted a cunning new strategy of not having to deal with errors that accumulate over a long time by

  • forcibly restarting the mac every day (twice since I installed 12.6)
  • preventing Safari from starting if “too many” pages were open when it was quit

Rob Griffiths:

macOS 12.6 is out, the 173rd release of macOS/Mac OS X since the initial public beta. And with Apple continuing to update macOS 11 as well, its release count now dwarfs all other releases—23 and counting, 10 more than the nearest competitor.

Update (2022-09-23): Lucas Curious:

latest update 12.6 causes Apple Studio Display to be unresponsive. I have to unplug each time and very delayed response to wakeup

I have not seen this problem myself.

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