Friday, September 9, 2022

SwiftUI’s Diffing Algorithm

Rens Breur:

As clients of the SwiftUI framework, we can only create composed views. Composed views can have state, and can be seen as a function of this state to another view. Composed views use primitive views in their body. Primitive views are the building blocks of any type of view.


SwiftUI needs to perform diffing to find out how to change the view graph and how to update the layout tree. Primitive views play the most important role, and there are only a small number of structural views underneath which a view graph can change.


Remember the example in the introduction where it was ambiguous what the changes in a list of labels was? This is the same example! But the algorithm we created knows exactly whether a label’s text has changed, or whether it was replaced with another label. It was able to do that, by using static typing, and by making the view types themselves help determine what has changed.


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