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Helge Heß:

Lighter is a set of technologies applying code generation to access SQLite3 databases from Swift, e.g. in iOS applications or on the server. Like SwiftGen but for SQLite3.


Lighter builds upon the database schema and hence directly knows what it looks like at compile time. For common operations no mapping is necessary at all, the generated code runs as fast (usually faster) than hand written code. It directly binds Swift structures to the SQLite API.


Lighter itself is a small and convenient API to access SQLite databases. Enlighter, the code generator, can however produce code that just uses the SQLite API and doesn’t require any dependencies, i.e. tech debt.

Helge Heß:

With Lighter.swift it is often (significantly) faster to waste and always fetch full records than to do manual fragment fetches w/ runtime based SQLite libs.



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