Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Safari Extension: Banish

Alex Zamoshchin:

Banish is an ultra-efficient Safari Extension that removes annoying ‘Open in App’ banners and other dark patterns on the web. Block annoying popups and save valuable screen real estate.

Via John Gruber:

If I wanted a long-term lease I’d go to the App Store on my own. Here I am, having already loaded their bloated, poorly-coded webpage, trying to give their site a slice of my attention, and they’re covering their own content — the content I came to their site to see — with a dickpanel suggesting that I install their app.

Sami Fathi:

The banner at the top of Safari is built into Safari and WebKit itself, so to get rid of those, you’ll have to uninstall the respective app from your device. Banish, instead, gets rid of pop-ups implemented in the websites themselves.


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Will this cancel the App Store banner that appears, conveniently (to Apple, obvs, not to me), even in Safari's reader view? If not, it's probably not all that interesting to me since I already strip web pages to the bone by just blocking remote content.

The lengths people are willing to go in order to ruin the experience for their visitors is simply inexcusable.

You failed to mention that it ain't free

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