Monday, July 25, 2022

Too Much Transparency in macOS 13

Matt Birchler:

This is what Safari’s download window has looked like for years on macOS. It’s pretty well laid out, but I always have trouble reading it at a glance.

Matt Birchler:

Today I’m back complaining about contrast and legibility again with the updated Home app in macOS Ventura.

I wanted to add an accessory today and I stared at the window for a few seconds, explored the menus, and didn’t see a way to do it. I eventually did notice the small, nearly transparent plus symbol in the top right of the window, but good lord, that’s not good.


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Beatrix Willius

I had to stare at the Home app for full 10 seconds before I found the buttons.

I call the window transparency the most useless feature of macOS.

Old Unix Geek

Fun fact: not only is transparency a hindrance, but it costs more energy than no transparency.

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