Thursday, June 16, 2022


Brett Ohland:

Apple’s modern Swift replacement system for Formatter is a set of protocols: FormatStyle and ParseableFormatStyle. The former handles the conversion to strings, and the latter strings to data.


The most direct way of parsing a string into it’s respective data type is to create an instance of a ParseableFormatStyle that’s set up to understand the structure of the incoming string. From there you access it’s parseStrategy property, and call the parse() method on it.

This is a bit cumbersome, so Apple has included custom initializers onto each of the supported data types that take the string and either a ParseableFormatStyle or a ParseStrategy instance to do the parsing. What’s interesting is that Apple includes initializers that can accept any input type, as long as you provide a ParseStrategy that informs the type how to parse it. Aren’t constrained generics neat?


New for iOS 16, you can now parse URLs using this exact manner[…]


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