Monday, May 16, 2022

macOS 12.4

Juli Clover:

Universal Control is no longer in beta. It is now an official feature that Apple has deemed issue-free, and the beta labeling has been removed. Universal Control was introduced in March and it allows you to use a single mouse/trackpad and keyboard across multiple Macs and iPads.

For the Studio Display, macOS Monterey 12.4 adds support for the 15.5 firmware, which is designed to improve the webcam quality.

There’s also an update for the Podcasts app, with Apple adding a setting that limits the number of episodes stored on a Mac and automatically deletes older ones.

See also: Apple’s enterprise and security release notes.

You can download the installer here.


Update (2022-05-16): Wojciech Reguła:

My 6 vulnerabilities patched today in macOS 12.4. Let me tell you something more about them[…]

CVE-2022-26694 (Contacts) led to impersonation of entitlement that allows full control over the TCC. ☠️ Also I got keychain-access-groups for apple and apple account Keychain groups.

Update (2022-05-17): See also: Howard Oakley.

Update (2022-05-31): Howard Oakley (tweet):

If you’re thinking of upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey when Apple releases macOS 13 this autumn/fall, you might like to think twice, as there’s a major memory leak which may well remain in Monterey for ever.


When you set a Finder window into Find mode and start typing characters into its search box, the Finder launches an interactive search which homes in more narrowly as you type additional characters. What happens is that each of those searches is retained in memory, rather than being purged when a new search is started. The amount of memory used each time is determined by the number of ‘hits’ obtained at that moment. The more files that Mac has in its Spotlight database, the more hits are likely, and in some cases their number can be vast.


Update (2022-08-29): Steve Troughton-Smith:

Big news that I missed: macOS 12.4 finally fixed virtual resolutions on external monitors on Apple Silicon, meaning you can render 4K (or 1080p HiDPI) on a 1440p display again 🥳

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