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Monday, May 9, 2022

Apple Support Community Forums

Howard Oakley:

After a brief exchange with a Level 10 expert [in the Apple Support Community Forums], they were told that they could delete a large snapshot on their Mac’s Fusion Drive ‘to free up space’. The snapshot in question was clearly the Signed and Sealed System Volume (SSV) from which their Mac was currently booted.


Recently, I’ve heard of other disturbing problems occurring on those same forums. One concerns recommending solutions which involve turning SIP off, and similar essential manoeuvres. Much as we all dislike doing that, there are times when you can’t solve a problem with SIP turned on, and that’s an intentional security feature. However, it’s apparently well known that if you post a solution there explaining how to do that, your response will be removed. It seems that, as a matter of unwritten policy, that’s not allowed.


Getting sage support for Macs is becoming increasingly difficult. Other places offer forums, in which a mixture of the excellent and absurd abound in equal measure. Telling them apart is just as hard whether they flaunt hundreds of thousands of points, many awarded for attending Communities meet ups (25 points) or someone liking your User Tips (10 points), or just give the air of knowing what they’re talking about. That Level 10 expert might have earned most of those points from their deep knowledge of Mail or Photos, and be completely unaware of huge swathes of macOS.

Forums have always been somewhat hit-or-miss, hilariously bad advice mixed in with really insightful stuff that you wouldn’t get from an official source. From my perspective, what has been getting worse lately is that it’s harder to find solutions via general Web searches. I keep running into outdated advice and pages that are filler/SEO content that doesn’t answer the question, even incorrectly.


Google Docs “And” Loop

Bryan Menegus (via Dave Mark):

And. And. And. And. And.

For whatever reason that specific string of words seems to be enough to permanently brick a Google Docs page. Noted Google’s support pages mere hours ago, the poster who seemingly discovered this unusual bug is quick to point out that the series of five conjunctions, separated by periods, is case-sensitive (at least if the goal is to cause the document in question to become unusable.)

Engadget was able to confirm the issue on a 16-inch 2019 MacBook Pro running Monteray 12.3.1 and Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127… and we were summarily greeted by the “Something went wrong” popover as well as its loathsome cousin “Unable to load file.” Reloading the page as prompted results in the same popovers. In effect, a death loop.

What a strange bug. It sounds like you can’t even access the document enough to revert the last edit. I wonder whether you can download it or if your data is totally inaccessible?


The Information Rejected From App Store Over Pricing

Jessica Lessin:

Um. Anyone had an Apple App Store update rejected because Apple didnt like their pricing strategy? I cannot believe this just happened to @theinformation! Trying to fix but lets say this takes Apple’s power over the entire tech ecosystem to a new level.

For context, nothing tricky about pricing. Our standard app pricing with monthly and annual at a discount to monthly. Apple asks “Please explain what factors led you to choose this pricing.” Really Apple????

The price of hundreds of dollars per year is high compared with most apps but not compared with other professional publications. And the publication is well known and longstanding—obviously not a scam.

The role of the App Store should be to make it clear to customers what the price is, say on an annual basis, to prevent confusion due to different billing intervals. I don’t like Apple deciding whether a pricing strategy is appropriate, nor the policy of asking about your product roadmap before they allow you to offer a subscription.


Yes this is exactly what I faced in 2018, with our education app Mathew.

Apple has recently shifted from human policing & enforcement to an algorithmic approach internally.

A softwares assessment that’s telling teams to investigate your app. Wish their was transparent here.


Yes happened to our devs’ previous app multiple times, including on the very same day Tim Cook was telling US Congress ‘developers choose their own prices’.


Alternative Android App Stores

Marine Nozerand (via Dave Verwer):

All in all, alternative app stores can be classified into different categories:

  • Device-specific app stores: like the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Huawei App Gallery
  • Country or culture-specific stores: AppToko is for Indonesians, Cafe Bazaar for a Persian speaking audience
  • Content-specific stores: Aurora Store is a tracking free app store, QuooApp is an app store dedicated to comics and games, TapTap is a game only app store, WhiteApp is an app store aimed at developers and allowing them to purchase apps or rights on some apps


Consumer spending is growing on third-party Android stores, their overall revenue is closing the gap with the Play Store.