Friday, April 22, 2022

Discussions in Brave Search

Brave (via Hacker News):

Discussions are a different entry point to real-human conversations on certain topics, especially ones suffering from a glut of SEO content. This content—so prominent on Google that one recent viral blog post asserted “Google Search is dying”—is driving people away from search as their go-to source of info.


With Discussions, search results on Brave Search are augmented with actual conversations related to the query, pulled from popular forum sites like Reddit. This allows users to easily see what the community is saying about a topic, rather than just reading content curated by websites.


To serve these Discussions, the Brave Search ranking algorithm detects queries where a discussion forum might give an alternative or complementary viewpoint to the search results. This “discussion worthiness” score is based on a variety of signals, including:

  • Freshness (or recency) of the topic
  • The popularity of the topic on a given forum
  • The quality of the conversation (as measured by user engagement, such as upvotes or responses)
  • The search quality score (which measures how relevant the discussion is to a query)

It also uses StackExchange as a source.


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I hope this doesn't catch on, the long-term outcome of this will be spammers spamming forums with discussions on popular search results.

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