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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

1Password 8 for Mac

Dave Teare:

We created an entirely new design language, code-named Knox, to unleash the power and productivity we’ve been dreaming of – all while preserving the heart and soul of 1Password. 😍


Quick Access is a floating panel that is always available, giving you access to all of your 1Password data, wherever you need it. Quick Access is fully keyboard-optimized, and it’s smart, too, suggesting the most relevant logins for the active application.


1Password can now fill into Mac apps like Zoom, Spotify, and the App Store, and also other places like Terminal and system prompts. 🤯

They call this Universal Autofill. PasswordWallet has long had a similar feature, which works by simulating keystrokes. This is much better than Copy/Paste because it can Tab between multiple fields and because it doesn’t expose your password to the clipboard. It sounds like 1Password is taking this to the next level because it will know which app you are in and actually recognize which field is which. I’m not sure how important this last bit is, because apps tend to focus the right field automatically, but I love the idea of it.


Update (2022-05-09): Ryan Jones:

Search doesn’t happen in-list now. It’s a separate field and you have to press CMD+Enter to view all results. 🤣

Dan V Peterson:

Doing it this way enabled a lot of functionality and removes some confusion we’ve seen around scope and “lost items”. We tried a few different approaches and this one seemed to test the best and satisfied the most use cases in our testing.

However, it’s inconsistent with other Mac apps.

Nathaniel Strauss:

Any chance you could offer a standard .pkg installer for 1Password 8? The custom installer looks cool, but doesn’t work for enterprise customers.

The current installer is what used to be called an “active installer,” a small download that installs an app that downloads that real app. Whatever happened to just dragging and dropping the app icon to install?


We’re the team behind 1Password 8 for Mac. Ask us anything!


Sometimes people ask why large companies don’t make native desktop apps, even though they should have all the resources they need, even when indies seem to get away with it just fine. To me it’s obvious: the lack of mature, competitive tooling and the absence of a viable dev community have sealed the fate of this kind of development at scale.


The platform vendors who ought to set the example here are simply not doing so. Few Electron critics would cite the current generation of first-party, native apps for Mac or Windows as examples of what we should be doing instead.

See also: MacRumors, Reddit, Jason Snell.


Update (2022-06-02): Curtis Herbert:

I genuinely don’t think they did the “wrong” thing, even though they are losing me as a customer. Sure it meant building enterprise software (🤮), but it’s better than laying off employees because Apple is chipping away at their customer base from one side and LastPass (who also raised a ton of money) is eating the base from the other.

But just ‘cause they didn’t do anything wrong doesn’t mean this outcome was inevitable. I personally think there is room, even in today’s market, for a smaller password management app. A business that could support 1-4 full-time people. Said app doesn’t have the audience of today’s 1PW, but that scale of app did exist in the beginning. The team just chose to grow beyond it.


Left unchecked you may stop worrying about building the best product, and you instead focus on building the best business. It is a subtle subconscious switch, but it’ll have massive impact on the product your customers use.

Update (2022-07-28): 1Password 8 is not in the Mac App Store due to some of the new features.

Update (2022-09-26): Yan Zhu:

wow i think i just bricked my @1Password personal account

if u upgrade to 1password 8 and have a personal account linked to your work account, u MUST save the pwd for your personal account (which is not the same as for the work account) outside of 1password itself

Roustem Karimov:

The older versions of 1Password had this obscure way of unlocking accounts by encrypting with the first master password.

Unfortunately, this was a time bomb that would eventually go off.

This is fixed in 1Password 8. Unfortunately, it does create a problem for customers who are migrating from the older version and forgot the real account password.

Yan Zhu:

i would highly suggest the upgrade path include some kind of warning about this.

Update (2023-07-13): doof (Hacker News):

I noticed that the date / time format for created / modified uses North American format (ie. back to front for us Brits). Could this be changed to use the locale of the user please?

This has been wrong for over a year. It’s not clear why the fix is so difficult, but presumably it has to do with using a cross-platform framework.