Friday, April 15, 2022

1Password 8 for iOS Early Access

Michael Fey:

Over the last couple years we’ve been making a concerted effort to unify our design language. We built a user interface that’s cohesive across all our apps, but also makes you feel right at home on the platform where you’re using it. The updated designs result in a modern take on 1Password that is both familiar and fresh.


Written primarily with SwiftUI and Rust, a secure systems programming language famous for its performance and safety, 1Password is more stable, more performant, and more secure than ever before.


All of us have slightly different use cases for our favorite security app, and the new Home tab enables you to set it up just the way you like it.


1Password 8 on iPad is next-level. With a gorgeous layout that takes full advantage of the screen real estate, this is the iPad app I’ve always wanted us to build.

Ryan Jones wants to be able to see frequently or recently accessed items on the home screen.


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The iPad app seems like it would be great with catalyst. I guess it must not work well

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