Friday, April 15, 2022

Moving From 1Password to KeePass

Josh Centers:

I always somewhat regretted switching away from KeePass, which stores its encrypted database in a standardized, open format. The original KeePass has always been Windows-only, but there are multiple KeePass-compatible apps for all platforms, and you’re free to pick whichever one is right for you. With KeePass, I always felt like I had complete control of my password database.


If you want total control over your data and have the time and skills to maintain it securely, KeePass may be a good option. If what I describe below sounds like too much trouble, but you still want an open-source solution, check out Bitwarden, which offers both a cloud service and a self-hosted option (though the self-hosted option is a total pain to set up).


With KeePass, there is no cloud service. You are given an encrypted database in the open KDBX format, and you choose where to store it. That could be on your Mac, on a NAS, or in a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.


The developer of the iOS KeePassium app has written excellent documentation for making the switch, explaining how to export your 1Password vault locally and then import it into KeePassXC on the desktop. (KeePassium is not available on the Mac.) The main limitation is that 1Password doesn’t export attachments, so you’ll have to add them back to the corresponding KeePassXC entries manually.

These days I’m using PasswordWallet for passwords and Apple Passwords for TOTP codes.


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Actually KeePassium *is* available for Mac, albeit in pre-release form at this stage, from their Github repo:

I've been using it for a few weeks and believe it to be the most Mac-like KeePass client available. Its macOS Password Autofill extension in particular is a game-changer. Highly recommended, although I'm not sure it's been third-party audited for security.

MacPass is a very nice Keepassxc frontend designed for Mac, although development has been slow lately.

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