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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Swift Bugs Moving to GitHub Issues

Mishal Shah:

Swift’s open source project issues are currently in JIRA, making it difficult for developers to discover and integrate them into our workflows on GitHub, such as pull requests. To provide a better workflow for developers, we are working on migrating JIRA to GitHub Issues.


In the future, we plan to redirect 133 URLs to the corresponding GitHub Issues.


We desire each GitHub issue to capture who created the original issue in JIRA faithfully. A username map created by the community will facilitate this mapping. Please follow the steps below to populate this mapping accurately.

This is via your Discourse account for the Swift forums. GitHub Issues seems much nicer than JIRA.

Affordable Thunderbolt 4 Cables

Adam Engst:

The biggest problem with our advice was cost. Thunderbolt 4 cables, which offer full backward compatibility with USB 3 and USB4 over USB-C connectors, can cost well over $100 from trusted manufacturers, including Apple.

Industry stalwart OWC has now entered the fray, making our recommendation financially feasible. The company has released Thunderbolt 4 cables in three lengths at prices well below those from Apple and other makers[…]


With one of these Thunderbolt 4 cables, you can avoid the confusion that stems from the use of USB-C as the universal connector for Thunderbolt 3 and 4, USB4, and faster flavors of USB 3.1 and 3.2.


Update (2022-04-12): Gabe Weatherhead:

The quality of the OWC dock is superior to the CalDigit TS4. The OWC dock feels solid and heavy. It has a glass top panel with tight tolerances. On the other hand, the TS4 dock feels almost too light. The case has some slight flex to it. It’s not cheap but it also doesn’t feel high quality. I’d call it “fine”, as in “good enough.”

There was one other strange design decision with the CalDigit TS4: orientation. As you can see in the image above, all of the port labels are oriented for a horizontal dock while the logo is for a vertical orientation. This is minor except that CalDigit included optional rubber feet to use the dock in horizontal orientation. They slide in between the slotted case of the TS4 and look out of place. While my “DIY spirit” appreciates the option of making the dock work in two orientations, my “$400 lighter spirit” feels like it was an after thought that looks cheap.

Marcin Krzyzanowski:

a Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable: $129
a HomePod mini: $99

Swift FormatStyle Deep Dive

Brett Ohland (via Dave Verwer):

Apple introduced the new FormatStyle protocol with iOS 15. It allows for some truly remarkable things to happen when you’re converting your data into localized strings.

In true Apple fashion though, details about how to use these new features are lightly documented with few examples.

The breadth and depth that this new functionality has been added to Swift is really nice, Apple has added support for it on nearly all data types in Swift. You also have the ability to create custom FormatStyle implementations that allow you to arbitrarily convert types using this functionality.

He has lots of examples and explanations of what the different options do, in a whole series of posts that’s basically a Missing Manual.


Update (2022-06-06): Brett Ohland:

I recently expanded and revamped my FormatStyle deep-dive you linked to back in May into it’s own single-serving site.

Following the grand tradition, it’s (or and it has details on every style with every possible option.