Tuesday, March 15, 2022

macOS 12.3

John Voorhees:

macOS 12.3 Monterey has arrived, delivering Universal Control, the long-awaited feature that allows users to transition between Macs and iPads with a single set of input devices.


For the past several weeks, I’ve had my iPad Pro sitting on my desk in a Twelve South HoverBar Duo stand right next to my Mac’s display. I’ve tried this sort of setup in the past using the ability of Logitech’s MX Keys and MX Master 3 mouse to flip between devices, but it was just cumbersome enough that the setup never stuck.

In contrast, Universal Control makes moving back and forth between my Mac and iPad Pro seamless. It’s not a setup that’s for everyone, but this sort of hybrid Mac-iPad approach is something I’ve done for a long time, just not as efficiently. Now, I have my choice of iPadOS and macOS apps all constantly, and quite literally, at my fingertips. It’s not that I couldn’t accomplish most of the things I do on just one platform without Universal Control. I could, but the difference is that Universal Control gives me the freedom to pick the best tool or the tool I prefer for every task, which is a level of flexibility I love.


Although scrolling works immediately, you can’t control the apps on a platform until you click somewhere inside the destination device’s UI. I thought this would be something I would get used to with time, but after weeks of using Universal Control, I haven’t.


This document describes the security content of macOS Monterey 12.3.


Learn about the enterprise content that Apple has released for macOS Monterey.

Howard Oakley:

I am shocked to report that two most obvious bugs still haven’t been fixed. The more serious of them is the gaping memory leak in the Finder’s Find command, which has made this major feature next to useless since the first release of Monterey, and was reported to Apple last November (at least).

The other is the inability of the Bluetooth menubar item to report the charge level for Apple wireless keyboards and trackpads when they’re being recharged.

Dan Allen:

WARNING: it turns on iCloud Drive w/o giving you a choice! Bad Apple.


macOS 12.3 adds four daemons (dtfetchsymbolsd, remotepairingdeviced, cryptexd, nearbyd) and has over 100 changes to existing man pages. Mostly improving them by adding usage examples.

See also: Mr. Macintosh, MacRumors.


Update (2022-03-17): Sami Fathi:

The latest macOS Monterey update, released to the public this week, is bricking Macs that have had their logic boards replaced, causing panic among customers who are unable to get their Mac back to a working state, according to a cluster of user reports posted on social media and Apple’s support forums.

Meek Geek:

AirPlay to non-M1 Mac mini actually works but Apple killed it in macOS 12.3.

Update (2022-03-23): Damien Petrilli:

Also it seems that 12.3 kills GPU performance with some cards

Armin Briegel:

I remembered that the Kaleidoscope app team had posted a script that allows me to compare man pages between versions of macOS. They published this back when macOS 12 was released to track the changes of the plutil command line tool. With the help of this tool I determined a few more interested changes in macOS 12, the most interesting of which I will summarize here.

Update (2022-04-12): Sami Fathi:

Following the latest macOS Monterey 12.3 update, users are reporting several problems when using external monitors, ranging from Macs not detecting displays at all to inaccurate screen output, according to posts on the Apple Support and MacRumors forums.

In the ten days since the update became available to the public, users have already reported issues with the update bricking Macs that have had logic board replacements and problems with using game controllers. Adding to the list of issues, users are now reporting that the update is causing problems with external monitors.


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LittleSnitch has been reporting remotepairingdeviced hammering for connections incoming and outgoing.

Not knowing what this is for made me finally deny access forever as the number of notifications was getting annoying.

> WARNING: it turns on iCloud Drive w/o giving you a choice! Bad Apple.

This doesn't seem like a consistent problem then. I upgraded this AM and iCloud drive is still set to off on my machine.

Old Unix Geek

It wouldn't let me upgrade the M1 mac mini without agreeing to the iCloud terms and conditions.

It seems to have automatically copied some data into this iCloud account that I never wanted.

I then turned it back off in System Preferences. Perhaps this only affects those of us who never had it?

Universal Control isn't accessible from the keyboard: you need a pointing device.

Braille panning is still broken.

Reports of brickages caused by logic board swaps being incompatible with the new software. Resolution is to DFU downgrade.

QA is still terrible.

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