Monday, March 7, 2022

Blurry Text on a Scaled 4K Display

Jack Wellborn:

Here are three pictures of the letter “a”. The first is from my 5k iMac at native resolution, the second is from my 4k display also at native resolution, and the last is from my 4k display scaled to pseudo 5k resolution. Do you notice how much blurrier the last scaled “a” is?


Most displays sold are 27”. 4k 27” displays force you to choose between crisp, but oversized text or appropriately sized, but slightly blurry text. To get appropriately sized crisp text, you need 5k at 27” and yet there is only one 5k monitor on the market.

Hopefully we’ll get a new option tomorrow.


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Adam Maxwell

Interesting. My boss just switched us to Dell curved 4K displays instead of dual 27" displays on our Windows 10 boxes, and it took a few weeks to get used to the text (and a compromise scale factor). I'm still thinking of switching back, just out of fear that it's straining my eyes.

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