Friday, January 14, 2022

iOS Music Player Showcase, 2022

Marc Barrowclift (via Dave Mark):

There’s new and exciting developments every year in the realm of iOS third-party music players, and 2021 was no exception. While 2019 enjoyed an explosion of new players like Power Player and Albums that through time came to lead the space, 2020 in contrast received only a modest handful of new players and is instead remembered for the impressive growth the established player base received that year. This past year, 2021, managed to do both with a dizzying array of five new players and impressive growth across nearly all existing players.

I miss Ecoute, and of course the old Apple app.


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Does anyone remember CarTunes?

It was SO good. The dev kept promising a major update throughout all of 2013 and maybe into 2014, then it finally disappeared. It was so slick and could be totally navigated one handed with swiping + controls all on the bottom half of the screen.

The intro mentions Apple Music support in some apps. Do any support iTunes Match? That’s what I could use.

Wow, this is fantastic. I’d love to see an analogous guide for the Mac, although I fear there aren’t anywhere near as many alternatives to the built-in Music app there.

foobar2000 is the solution that many of us want.

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