Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What’s Going on With Cesium

Mike Clay:

What the crash logs showed were that the system was not always returning these properties in a timely way. In fact, the app was crashing because it exceeded the iOS cutoff for inactivity – while waiting for the system player to return. Instances where a property was returned more quickly might avoid a crash, but could still cause a period of unresponsiveness. The logs showed that certain properties were more common culprits, but crashes were caused by a variety of them.


Well, first I could (and have) reported the issue to Apple. Next, I had to look for ways to decrease the number of calls to the system. Unfortunately, not all calls can be omitted or Cs would show no playback info and be pretty useless. But a lot of the queuing stuff could default to the standard boilerplate functionality provided by Apple. There would be less functionality, but there would be fewer system calls, and in theory better performance.

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