Friday, January 7, 2022

Every Mac OS Welcome Video

TechieFreddie (via Dave Mark):

macos used to have intro videos, here’s their history!

These are the videos that would play during installation, from Mac OS 8 through Snow Leopard.


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My first Mac was the first unibody 17″ MBP. The Leopard intro video still gives me goosebumps.

@Lanny Leopard’s is definitely one of the best.

The music was pretty corny before macOS X. And that's around the time I got my first Mac (a MacBook Pro, actually).

I wonder if that Mac OS 8 video was originally made for Copland, perhaps with a few tweaks to the terms.

My favorite was the 10.4 one because it not-so-subtly hinted at the signature Spotlight feature.

I also like the Yosemite intro. If you cut that down to maybe 15 seconds, it could work quite well as an intro to the setup assistant? Now all we have is a big screen saying "Hello". I suppose part of the problem here is that they have major OS releases every single year, so maybe it gets too tiring for users to see a video like that every time. And they do make those little "here's what's new in app x" pages. But it feels like it has lost a little of the magic.

These videos were fun and helped shorten the perceived time of installation... why is Apple stopped doing them is beyond me... I love to be delighted at every steps of my initial experience of setting up a new computer... these videos added delight, somehow. Now, it's more like a drab screen showing a progress bar...

Frank Rovito

Where are the videos? I’m not seeing a link.

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