Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Peter Hosey:

Wordle is a word puzzle game by Josh Wardle. The game is this:

  • Every day, there is a new five-letter word to guess. The word changes every day at midnight.
  • You have six tries to figure out what the word is.
  • In each of your guesses, the game highlights which letters were right but in the wrong place (in yellow) and which were right and in the right place (in green). (There’s also a color-blind mode that changes the color assignments to blue and orange, respectively.)

If you guess the word, the victory screen includes (at least on some browsers; it doesn’t show up on my iPad) a Share button that gives you the spoiler-free emoji representation of how you did.

John Gruber:

It’s fun and simple, and the fact that you can do one and only one puzzle per day is a huge part of the charm. It’s a habit, not an addiction, and feels like a wee bit of mental calisthenics to start the day.

Update (2022-01-17): See also: Josh Centers.

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But if you *do* want the addictive part of guessing more than one word per day, and also try different word lengths then Lynn has got you covered here:
Plus, it's open source.

Here's what the 'the spoiler-free emoji representation of how you did' looks like...

Wordle 201 4/6


At first, I couldn't see the Share button either. But I found out that I needed to turn off Safari Content Blockers for the domain. I bet Hosey needed to do that also.

The web is for apps

We created which allows users to create wordles and quizzes for education, as well as learning new languages.

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