Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Using Kaleidoscope with XCTest Failures

Florian Albrecht:

Kaleidoscope 3.1.3 and later can show XCTest failures in that format for you! No further trick or conversion is needed. Kaleidoscope parses the incoming content and automatically splits it into A and B parts, so the exact differences can be seen instantly.

You can drag and drop from Xcode’s issues navigator to Kaleidoscope’s Dock icon.

Xcode goes to great lengths to provide specialized previews for user interface code, playgrounds, etc., but its tools for viewing unit test output are so primitive. I’ve long used a wrapper for XCTAssertEqual that prints the expected and actual values on separate lines, so that at least they line up and you can more easily see the differences. It can also optionally diff them to help find the interesting lines. This Kaleidoscope feature goes further by highlighting differences within a line.

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