Monday, November 8, 2021

TestFlight for Mac Officially Launches

Juli Clover:

Apple today informed developers that they can invite people to try out early versions of Mac apps prior to release using the TestFlight platform, marking the end of a beta test that’s been ongoing since August.


Update (2022-10-06): Drew McCormack:

Anyone ever used TestFlight for Mac? First time we’ve tried it, and seems like there’s nobody home. Already two days in the beta app review queue. (On iOS, the app was through beta review in about 30 mins)

Anton Sotkov:

We use it. It always takes way longer than iOS, usually one to two days.

Anders Borum:

Apple also set themselves up for extra work by doing TestFlight review on every build and not just the first with a new version number [like on iOS].

Update (2022-10-11): Drew McCormack:

After 6 days waiting in the queue for beta review in the Mac App Store, we are giving up and going back to our off-store testing. Not a great way to endear the Mac App Store to developers.


Yeah, we have started getting those weird rejections too. Last one was “Where is the feature X?” where feature X was a feature we had never heard of.

Update (2022-10-17): Drew McCormack:

Would love to tell you how well TestFlight in the Mac App Store is working for us, but have yet to get a single build through review. Have been leaving each one for a week, but they stay in “Waiting for Review”, at which point I have to move on to the next beta build.

Max Seelemann:

For us the first build in a version takes about a week (last one 4 days), successive ones were a few hours (half day or so). Very annoying still, compared to iOS

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