Monday, November 16, 2020

Where Is TestFlight for Mac?

Chance Miller:

Apple has updated its TestFlight beta testing application for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to version 3.0. The update brings support for automatic updates, as well as stability improvements and bug fixes.

Craig Hockenberry:

New version of TestFlight that’s NOT on the Mac.

After five years of promises, I can only conclude that there’s some underlying issue that’s preventing the release. I’m guessing there’s a vulnerability in one of the services that would be exposed with a debugger/analyzer.

It sucks for every developer who wants to get their products onto the Mac, and hurts Apple’s initiatives like Catalyst.


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What promises is Craig referring to? I don't recall hearing Apple ever suggest that TestFlight would be available on the Mac.

According to, the webpage has said "TestFlight is not available for Mac apps" since at least 2018. The webpage said "Mac apps cannot be tested" as far back as early 2015.

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