Friday, July 30, 2021

Compelled to Unlock With Face

Zack Whittaker (via Hacker News):

His Windows laptop was one of several devices seized by the FBI, which investigators said was protected with a password but could be unlocked using Reffitt’s face.


Reffitt’s lawyer told the court that his client could “not remember” the password, but the court sided with the government and granted the motion to compel his biometrics. Reffitt’s lawyer told CNN, which first reported the court order, that the laptop is now unlocked.


Courts across the U.S. are still divided on the reading of the Fifth Amendment and whether it applies to the compelled use of a person’s biometrics.


Update (2023-07-11): Matthew Weaver (via Hacker News):

Ernest Moret, 28, a foreign rights manager for Éditions la Fabrique, was approached by two plainclothes officers at St Pancras station on Monday evening after arriving by train from Paris to attend the London book fair.

He was questioned for six hours and then arrested for alleged obstruction in refusing to disclose the passcodes to his phone and computer.

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I guess "I don’t remember the password" is a pretty bad defense when biometrics are available.

I wonder why they didn’t argue "I don’t have to cooperate" instead.

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