Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Windows 11: Android Apps

Tom Warren (Hacker News):

Android apps will run natively on Windows 11 and will be downloadable from Amazon’s Appstore, via the new Windows store that’s included in the operating system.


Microsoft is also partnering with Intel to use its Intel Bridge technology to make this a reality, although the Android apps will still work with both AMD and Arm-based systems.

Presumably, the bridge is only necessary for the parts of the apps compiled for ARM, and the Java bytecode can just run in a Windows JVM.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

I hope Microsoft goes beyond simply running Android apps in a VM; provide a path towards a native-feeling Fluent Windows app, like Catalyst does for UIKit apps on the Mac. Is it an also-ran, or is it the future of consumer app development on Windows?


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Regarding STS’s tweet, I’m not sure why Microsoft would rush to copy what seems to be a failed strategy from Apple.

I see Android apps on the ChromeOS and Windows as a way to fill in the gaps. Your home automation and social networking apps aren’t necessarily being ported to the native Windows API, but plenty of people want them on their desktop. It’s not about the future of the platforms, it’s about providing more options to users.

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