Friday, July 16, 2021

Unclack 1.1.1

Base11 Studios:

Unclack is the small but mighty Mac utility that mutes your microphone while you type. No more getting called out for clacking your way through a Zoom meeting on your clicky keyboard!

Via Nick Heer:

This is, for me, a perfect addition to my work-from-home software toolkit, and it is free.

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Very useful. How long until Apple or something like Microsoft Teams builds this in?

Not sure how I feel about the menu bar icon, though. None of the choices are a great fit for Big Sur's default theme, and really, I would prefer the icon to _only_ show while it's muting. (I can always get back to the app by launching it again. Various apps like Moom follow that pattern.)

Alas, those of us who have not "upgraded" to 10.15 or newer get left behind once again...

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