Friday, July 16, 2021

Reddit’s Disrespectful Design

Ognjen Regoje (via Hacker News):

I’ve stopped using Reddit mostly because I no longer wanted to support a site that has aggressively started to employ disrespectful design patterns. Not only that, but they kept trying to present them in a way that made it seem like they’re doing it for the sake of their users.

Here are examples of dark (perhaps dark is too strong but they’re certainly at least grey) patterns that I noticed[…]


I was the EM for Reddit’s Growth team around this time. I am responsible for / contributed to a few features like the current signup flow, AMP pages, push notifications, email digests, app download interstitials, etc.

There was a new product lead who joined with many good ideas, but some of them were dark patterns that I heavily protested. After a few months of this, it was obvious that I was going to be reigned in or let go; I immediately transferred to a different org.

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