Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Low Power Mode for Mac

Juli Clover:

According to Apple, Low Power Mode on Mac reduces the system clock speed and the display brightness in order to extend your battery life even further. This means that if you’re doing less intensive tasks like watching videos or browsing the web, you can eke even more out of your Mac’s battery.

On the Mac, Low Power Mode is compatible with the MacBook (Early 2016 and later) and MacBook Pro (Early 2016 and later).


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Four words: “Turbo Boost Switcher Pro”

Apple finally “Sherlocks” something useful but as usual doesn’t go far enough.

Now do Low Data Mode

"less intensive tasks like…browsing the web"

That _really_ depends on which sites you are visiting.

I think Low Data Mode will be in 12.0.1. It's going to be a 25 GB upgrade.

^ I like how you think.


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