Wednesday, June 9, 2021

iOS 15 Cursor Placement and Text Selection

Benjamin Mayo:

After being unceremoniously removed in iOS 13, Apple has restored the magnifying glass (loupe) when interacting with text on iOS 15.

Now, when a user starts to move the text cursor, a bubble appears above their finger magnifying what is shown below. This makes it really easy to see where the text cursor is being placed, and where text will be inserted.

See also: Mitchell Clark.


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Thank goodness. I couldn’t believe it when Apple took such a core, horribly implemented feature as text selection and managed to make it *worse *.

Still waiting for them to make Apple Pencil act like the exacting input device it is instead of triggering all the predictive cursor selection nonsense that’s meant to help fat fingers, but I’m not holding my breath.

So this fall I will finally be able to update my ipad, on which I do a lot of on screen typing and cannot live without the loupe for text selection.

I would update to iOS 15 for this alone.

Thank goodness for holding the spacebar to move the cursor. I've relied on that 100% of the time during these loupe-less years.

So glad to see Apple being willing to revisit and sometimes correct past mistakes. It's a positive sign at least!

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