Thursday, April 22, 2021

Menuwhere 1.0

Rob Griffiths (tweet):

This handy $3 utility puts the frontmost app’s menu bar into a pop-up menu at your mouse’s location—say goodbye to those long trips to the menu bar; the main menu is now just a hot key away[…]

There were several classic Mac OS apps that did this, and it’s also similar to the way the NeXT menu bar worked. It’s never been my cup of tea on a desktop Mac, where I find it easy to fling the mouse to the top of the screen. Notebooks may be a different matter, though, as trackpads are slower and less precise. To me, Menuwhere seems best used via the keyboard, both because you can avoid repositioning your hands and because typing eliminates the need for precise cursor movements to navigate the submenus.

Many Tricks:

I have two 27" displays with the menu bar only on the left display. It’s a very long trip from bottom right, even with mouse acceleration.

And if you’re using the keyboard, Fitt’s Law doesn’t apply: Invoke our app, start typing, done.

The first big new feature is an “all apps” menu option: Define a separate hot key, and Menuwhere will show you all the menus from all your apps[…]

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Love this bit from the site:

"(Menuwhere isn’t available on the Mac App Store due to the store’s restrictions on newly-released utilities that actually do useful things.)"

HCI Pedant —

Fitts' [ahem] Law is VERY applicable. That menu is infinitely large, located at the point of action.

::vanishes in a puff of magic smoke::

Good business Many Tricks, huh?

It's better to consider how to donate to this open source and even better product.

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