Thursday, April 22, 2021

Kaleidoscope 2.4.1

Filipe Espósito:

After a long period without major updates, Kaleidoscope has been acquired by Letter Opener GmbH, which is now committed to providing regular updates to the app with new features. Following the release of an update last month to reduce memory usage, Kaleidoscope 2.4 brings new options focused on developers.

The new Xcode Debugger integration provides “ksp” and “kspo” commands in “lldb,” as well as new inputs with the “ksdiff” tool.

Florian Albrecht:

Wouldn’t it be great if one could visually compare what exactly your app does during runtime?

This is where this integration comes in. It helps you send and textual or graphical output of the debugger to Kaleidoscope, so you can inspect differences down to the last character or pixel.

Florian Albrecht:

As it turned out, some AppKit/UIKit classes are notoriously hard to convert into the right destination format. Under the hood, the runtime sometimes uses optimized structures.

In Kaleidoscope 2.4.1 we provide built-in support for the most common objects. In detail:

  • iOS: UIImage and UIView (which includes it’s subclass UIWindow)
  • macOS: NSImage, NSView and NSWindow.


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Damn, when I saw the headline I got excited that somebody figured out how to theme Big Sur...

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