Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Apple TV 3 Losing More Content

Joe Rossignol:

Last week, the MLB app was removed from the third-generation Apple TV[…] A few other popular apps are being removed from the third-generation Apple TV as of this month, including YouTube and CBS All Access, the latter of which is being rebranded as Paramount+.

Zac Hall:

Developers just can’t justify putting resources behind a discontinued product that’s no longer being sold or maintained by Apple. Based on the state of streaming media affairs, we will only continue to see the third-gen Apple TV lose access to apps with no direct replacement product from Apple on the market.

I see why this is happening, but it’s frustrating because the newer Apple TVs don’t offer anything new that I want, and a 1080p box remains fine for my 1080p TV.


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The product was discontinued in October 2016. That means than 4.5 years ago you could still buy one and now lots of content no longer works. They also lowered the price to $69 in September 2015, a 30% discount, so for that final year sales may have even been higher. I think it was irresponsible for Apple to even keep it in the lineup upon the release of the tvOS model, much less discounting it so aggressively. 4.5 years is not that long a period of time, if you consider that iOS 14 still runs on the iPhone 6s, which came out in September 2015, 5.5 years ago. The iPhone 6s can run all the latest apps. Even the iPhone 6, which can only run up to iOS 12 can still run the latest versions of most major apps.

I love my 3rd-gen Apple TV and I'm bummed out about this. The YT "app" stopped working for me today. It was very convenient to have there. Much moreso than the option of AirPlay-ing from another Apple device.

Someone on the MacRumors forum said that the reason for this change was that YT was switching to a new "encryption" method that the 3rd-gen TV isn't beefy enough to deal with. Whatever that means. Does anyone know if that is true? Another theory on the forum is that YT wants to leave behind (the requirement for) compatibility with the MPEG-4 format in favour of newer formats. If there is in fact some technical reason, that would make it a little easier to accept.

Marc Wilson

(shrug) I just spent $25 to replace one of mine in the bedroom with a Roku Express, and will probably replace the main ATV3 on the living room TV soon.

It's no surprise to anyone that the ATV is in no way compelling.

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