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Apple Developer Forums Can Now Monitor Threads

Apple (also: MacRumors):

And now, it’s easier to find and keep track of content you’re interested in. Take advantage of enhanced search and a new feature that monitors threads for you and sends you an email each time there’s a reply.

The new forums remain pretty useless, except that they are the sole source of some incredibly valuable defacto documentation written by DTS engineer Quinn.


Update (2021-03-14): See also: The Wisdom of Quinn.

W. Butcher:

Quinn’s posts remind me of mmalc’s Cocoa Bindings sample code on his personal page, and his writeups on cocoa-dev. Super helpful, but sure would be nice to have IN THE FORMAL DOCUMENTATION.

Aaron Tuller:

Yes yes. I still have this in my favorites bar in Safari, can’t imagine relying solely on the reference pages.

Update (2021-05-06): Craig Hockenberry:

WTH? You can’t post an image on Apple Developer Forums?

Apple is intentionally making it hard to communicate visually. And with external links being banned, there’s no workaround.


"The Apple Developer Forums are a great place to connect with fellow developers and Apple engineers"

So, officially, there are only a dozen software engineers at Apple?

"a new feature that monitors threads for you and sends you an email each time there’s a reply."

They are getting closer and closer to re-inventing the mailing-list.

Someone should archive Quinn’s knowledge before it mysteriously disappears

I've deprecated my gist and created a repo that has both the links and archival PDFs.


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