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Monday, February 15, 2021

Arq 7

Stefan Reitshamer:

Arq 7 is fully backward-compatible with backup data created by older versions of Arq, but it’s packed with new features. It’s been through 4+ months of internal and beta testing, so it’s solid.

Many of the features listed on that page were also in Arq 6. The more detailed change notes are here. The biggest change is that it’s no longer an Electron app. The new interface is a big improvement, much better than Arq 6 and in most respects better than Arq 5, too. (I’m not crazy about the new, unsorted, list of the paths to back up or the way exclusion rules are handled and duplicated.) You can once again navigate backup settings and restores without having to repeatedly enter your password. The backup logs are now integrated into the main part of the app, and you can jump from a backup’s settings to its latest log. And the global Arq menu clearly shows what’s happening with each backup. I did run into an issue where the ArqAgent process consumed 7.6 GB of private memory. After restarting my Mac and doing a few (smaller) backups, it so far hasn’t recurred. Overall, a smooth and trouble-free upgrade, unlike last time.


Update (2021-02-22): Arq 7 costs $50 and includes one year of updates. You can optionally subscribe beyond that for $25/year. It continues to work well for me with the following exceptions:

Nicholas Riley:

A warning if you’re upgrading to Arq 7: check your retention settings first. Several of my family’s Macs ended up deciding everything was new from the Arq 5 backup, then this pushed the overall backup size over quota to the point that ALL of the backup history was deleted.

Thomas Clement:

Why does Apple keep restraining the snapshots API to select developers? Aren’t all developers treated equally?

All the apps that might have been but never will...

(and yes I applied to get access at some past job and we got refused for trivial reasons)


Update (2021-03-14): I’m currently using Arq 7.2, and the memory use issue seems to be resolved. The app is apparently more efficient now about which changed files it tracks in RAM.