Tuesday, January 19, 2021

ReadKit for iOS

Balazs Varkonyi (tweet):

  • All your reading in one place, multiple account support.
  • Sync with all major RSS aggregator and read later provider or use it with built-in RSS engine.
  • Feed and folder management for RSS services.
  • Folder and tag management for Instapaper, Pocket, Wallabag and Pinboard.
  • Offline reading and image caching.

It’s $3.99 vs. $9.99 for the Mac version.

Dieter Bohn:

If you want to know the state of RSS in 2021, I can point to no better example than Samsung just casually using what used to be the accepted default RSS icon for its mobile hotspot because it never occurred to them that people might think this icon represented something else.

On the other hand, two new iOS RSS apps released just one week apart, plus a big NetNewsWire update in testing.


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I wonder that there is no (to my knowledge) multiplatform RSS solution which allows me to apply rules to incoming articles. If I don't want to read about soccer I could filter such topics. I know that service like Newsblur support this, but I don't want centralized services to know what I read and what not.

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