Monday, November 2, 2020

Little Snitch 5

Objective Development (also: MacRumors):

The main focus in the development of Little Snitch 5 was on the integration of the new network filter technologies introduced by Apple in macOS Big Sur. The underlying filter engine was re-built from ground up to replace the previous kernel extension based approach which is no longer supported by macOS.


System administrators now have the ability to configure a variety of program settings via a command line interface, making Little Snitch scriptable for the very first time.

This interface now also offers the possibility to report network connections in a log-based format for detailed and versatile traffic analysis.

I wouldn’t update to Big Sur without this. No more kernel extension means that it can now be installed via drag and drop. It’s $45 for new users, $25 for upgrades, or free if you purchased within the last year.


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I wouldn’t update to Big Sur without this.

I wouldn't update to Big Sur because of this. Apple exempting itself from the new architecture it forced on Little Snitch is absolutely beyond the pale.

Is there a good Pi Hole list that blocks Apple connections that LS cannot?

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