Thursday, September 3, 2020

Keysmith 1.0.4

Otto Labs (via Jonathan Deutsch):

Hit record and Keysmith picks up what you’re doing with your mouse and keyboard. Type some text, or click on buttons, menus, Dock items, lists, and more. Keysmith is smart enough to understand it all.

Use a hotkey to trigger the shortcut from anywhere. Or create hotkeys that are triggered only within a specific app or website.


No need to remember every hotkey. Run your shortcuts by name with a Spotlight-like search bar


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Could this be useful for making scripts to do GUI testing on one's own software?

Hey Bob, I'm one of the co-creators of Keysmith. To answer your question: yes, absolutely! This was one of my first use cases for Keysmith. Specifically, I had it create test accounts on a website for a contracting project.

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