Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Installing the macOS 11.0 Beta


If macOS Big Sur 11 beta is installed into the same APFS container as previous versions of macOS, system software updates can no longer be installed on the previous versions of macOS.

Jared Jones:

If you install Big Sur to a new partition you will be fine. Boot back to Catalina and remove the volumes that have Big Sur on it in Disk Utility. Then create a new APFS Container and put Big Sur onto that! Then you will continue to be able to install updates.

As I expected, Big Sur drops support for the first Retina MacBook Pro.

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Kirk McElhearn

I don't understand. And I make a living explaining this sort of thing to people.

What a weird bug. And of course I didn't see it before I installed. Come on Apple. (Its only on a less used MBP but still).

I didn’t see it, either, and I think I’m going to have to completely erase my MacBook Pro because Disk Utility on Catalina won’t let me delete all the Big Sur volumes.

This is a bummer, because installing a different macOS release without losing a fixed amount of storage seemed like one of the benefits of containers.

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