Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Using Custom Perspectives in OmniFocus

Federico Viticci:

My most used perspective, by far, is a simple one I call ‘Radar’. This perspective presents me with a list of all upcoming tasks across all projects, including those that have a defer date, which I usually don’t see in other perspectives.


The ‘Tags (Combined)’ filter is one of the most powerful aspects of OmniFocus’ perspective engine as it can create dynamic sub-groups based on tags. As you can see above, the visual separation between Club and website-related writing tasks also looks quite nice thanks to emoji. I use the same approach of visually separating tasks in different areas with my ‘Available’ perspective.


The last perspective I’ve put together for the iOS 14 review, called ‘Future’, displays review-related tasks which have a defer date in the future and are not due soon. Thanks to this perspective, I can see all future tasks that are not coming up in the next 24 hours, which helps me get a better sense of things I can worry about later on.


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I live in custom perspectives in OmniFocus and have for years. The best resource I've found for learning how to incorporate these is Creating Flow with OmniFocus by Kuorosh Dini:


Everyone who uses OF seriously should read that book. Custom Perspectives is also why I've never been able to use OF for iPhone/iPad too deeply. Custom Perspectives are available in iOS but you can't use the focus feature, and moving between perspectives is pretty clunky.

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