Friday, June 5, 2020

Password Manager Resources

Apple (via Apple Developer News, Hacker News):

The Password Manager Resources project exists so creators of password managers can collaborate on resources to make password management better for users. Resources currently consist of data, or “quirks”, as well as code.

“Quirk” is a term from web browser development which refers a website-specific, hard-coded behavior to work around an issue with a website that can’t be fixed in a principled, universal way. In this project, it has the same meaning. Although ideally the industry will work to eliminate the need for all of the quirks in this project, there’s value in customizing behaviors to ensure a better user experience. The current quirks are:

  • Password Rules: Rules to generate compatible passwords with websites’ particular requirements.
  • Websites with Shared Credential Backends: Groups of websites known to use the same credential backend, which can be use to enhance suggested credentials to sign into websites.
  • Change Password URLs: To drive adoption of strong passwords, it’s useful to be able to take users directly to websites’ change password pages.


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Another resource to note is which describes how applications can mark passwords as containing confidential information which should not be displayed freely, and which might have other limitations put on it by clipboard history apps and the like.

@Peter Awesome, thanks.

It would be even better if Apple offered a way for third party password managers to integrate with website passwords stored in Keychain.

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