Monday, June 1, 2020

Vision Smarts Barcode Scanner SDK (Sponsor)

My thanks to Vision Smarts for sponsoring the blog this week.

The Vision Smarts Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS and Android has been powering high-volume apps in retail, banking, logistics, nutrition, and more, for ten years.

Its proprietary algorithms have been continuously optimized for smartphone and tablet apps that need to read barcodes from all origins and of all sizes, even when they are dirty, faded, bent, damaged, or printed at low resolution.

Vision Smarts

Vision Smarts, an engineer-led company, strives for maximum simplicity and efficiency at every level. The binary library is lightweight with no dependencies, no tracking, no network access. The API is just one method, and the SDK includes the source code of the demo app to get you up and running fast. Licensing and pricing are straightforward: a flat annual fee per app, no gotchas.

A showcase app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Please try it on the hardest barcodes you can find and let its developers know what you think!

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