Thursday, May 28, 2020

FileMaker 19

Ric Ford (also: MacRumors):

Claris FileMaker Pro 19 was announced today, the latest step in Apple’s many transformations of database management software originally acquired many years ago from Nashoba Systems. Apple now licenses the software almost entirely on a subscription basis under a subsidiary it calls “Claris”, recycling a name from an earlier era with entirely different products.


A FileMaker Pro “individual” (non-cloud) license option has been marginalized but remains available at $540.

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Hi, Michael -

I'm very definitely not part of MacRumors and very definitely associated with MacInTouch....

Hope you can fix that.


@Ric I typically put links to secondary coverage in parens after the main link. It’s not intended to imply any association between the two. Maybe there’s a better way to format it?

@Michael, why not add "also:" into the parenthesis, like so (also: MacRumours)

@Karsten That could work. Thanks.

Adding "also" is clearer. (Alternatives: "See also:", "Others:")

Moving the additional reference below the quoted text might be more consistent with the existing treatment for multiple quotes, eg.


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