Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Halide’s Third Birthday

Ben Sandofsky:

Meanwhile, a storm brewed on the horizon: iOS 13. At the start of summer, we tested Halide with the first iOS beta, and found significant issues. We filed tickets with Apple and hoped for the best, but as iOS 13 reached its last few betas in August, it was clear these issues weren’t going to be fixed in time If we didn’t find workarounds, we expected users breaking down our doors with torches and pitchforks.

So we halted work on Spectre to find iOS 13 workarounds for Halide.

Halide 1.13 launched with little fanfare but no complaints, which is all we hoped for.


There’s a million things we want to do, but the lost Spectre update was a warning sign that we’re bumping up against our limits. In the last year it’s felt like we’ve had to weigh the opportunity cost of everything. Does it make sense to spend two weeks building a demo for Apple’s event? (Absolutely.) Should we spend a few days writing this post? A few days doesn’t feel like much until you realize all product work grinds to a halt.

See also: LIDAR: Peek Into The Future With iPad Pro, Halide: Year Two.


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