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Spectre Camera 1.0

Sebastiaan de With (MacRumors):

Spectre is a computational shutter for iPhone that allows everyone to take brilliant long exposures.


By default, Spectre uses AI to analyze the scene and automatically pick the appropriate mode. If you’re shooting a beach scene, it will blend shots for great smooth water. A lively cityscape triggers light trails blending.


Long exposures typically requires setting up a tripod and meticulously stabilizing your camera: but don’t fret, Spectre requires no extra equipment. Spectre’s AI stabilizes your shot for you, allowing up to 9-second long handheld long exposures.

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Update (2019-03-05): Nick Heer:

The thing I like most about this app is how easy it makes long exposure photography. It has never been particularly difficult — I think it’s one of the first things people try their hand at when they discover how to change their camera’s shutter speed — but Spectre makes it far simpler. You can even do long exposures in bright daylight without mucking around with shutter speed and ISO.

This is one of those apps that, I think, is worth having around even if you use it rarely.

Ryan Jones:

Spectre is still cruuuuuising at #1 Paid App. I did not expect that, it’s very niche. Due to design?

Based on the little I know and correct me if I wrong but #1 Paid is ~$20k/day?

= $100k over 5 days

Update (2019-03-06): Ryan Jones:

Spectre went from $1.99 → $2.99 and probably ~doubled their revenue.

Went from Top Grossing #1,000 to #500. That kinda stings, should have been $2.99 all along probably.

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