Friday, April 17, 2020

Glitch Launches Subscriptions

Jacob Kastrenakes:

The coding platform Glitch is formally launching its first paid product today: a subscription that lets you pay to upgrade the bite-sized apps you can run on its platform.

Since it launched in 2017, Glitch has let anyone write and remix code and then publish bots, web apps, and other projects that it would host for free. But that free hosting came with strict limitations. Apps had limited RAM and storage, and more importantly, they would be shut down if they went dormant for just a few minutes, meaning you often had to wait through a sluggish start up before using them.


Plenty of Slack and Discord bots are hosted on Glitch, and Glitch says it hosts a lot of small tools that companies found were just easier to make on its site. For those users, these paid features may be more important than just participating in the community — they’re about making sure apps built on Glitch’s site are reliable.

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