Monday, April 6, 2020

App Store Rules Limit Rival Gaming Services

Mark Gurman (tweet):

Video-game fans suddenly have their pick of a huge menu of titles thanks to a raft of new mobile subscription services from Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Nvidia Corp.

But for the more than 1 billion users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the only real option is Arcade, the subscription service launched by the company in September.

That’s because Apple imposes strict limits on the kinds of apps users can access on its devices. For example, App Store guidelines ban services that rely on streaming from the cloud. Arcade adheres to the requirements, in part, because it’s included as a feature within the App Store itself.

Tim Sweeney:

Apple can’t go on like this. Their bans on competing apps and competing payment services on iOS is breaking the evolutionary cycle of technology and even economics[…]


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Saying "Apple can't go on like this." may seem true, but the only way to really get a company like Apple to change would be to stop buying their products. People should vote with their dollars. Otherwise, what would be the impetus for Apple to change?

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